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As the smallest island partitioned by two global countries, St. Maarten/St. Martin has been sharing the same island in peaceful coexistence for over three centuries in a spirit of neighborly cooperation and friendship. And it is in this vain that we thankfully cherish the opportunity to serve you. Our seamless border is almost non-existent, and people traverse the island without realizing that they are crossing one country to the other. There are actually five boundaries around the island, but for the purpose of this brochure we are only listing four which are: Belle Vue/Cole Bay; French Quarter/Dutch Quarter; Low Land/Cupecoy, and Oyster. The other boundary is Marigot Hill/Concordia, but its access road is not yet developed.

Each side of the island is governed separately with its own distinctiveness, legislature, culture and government with the French emphasizing its Francophile global distinction for beauty and comfort while the Dutch emphasizing practicality and offering Duty Free shopping, casino gambling and other cosmopolitan amenities that distinguishes the island from many others in the region.  And with tourism and hospitality as the island’s primary industry, workers come from all parts of the region to work and even make the island their country of choice in the region. Yet, their international blending of cultures, customs and cuisines make St. Maarten/St. Martin one of the most preferred and cosmopolitan tourist destinations in the Caribbean for our visitors.

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